Equine Hair Analysis

Equine Hair Follicle Assessment: to assess any physical/emotional/ mental and energetic stresses and imbalances that are creating symptoms with follow up recommendations.
Equine Hair Analysis

Why get a hair analysis?
  • As a preventive
  • To assist your vet in understanding the root cause of a health challenge 
  • If you suspect your animal is not well 
  • If your animal shows signs of unwanted behaviors/emotions such as fear/anxiety
  • To ascertain whether your animal's diet is compatible and complete  
  • To bring your horse “back” into balance

Instructions for obtaining the hair follicle sample:

Standoff to the side of your horse, wrap your finger around several strands of hair at the top/root of the tail and pull. Horses don’t feel this. Then wrap a knot 2-3 inches away from the follicle and cut off the remaining hair. Be careful not to touch the follicles with your imprint! Put in a baggie. Label with name and date. 

Fill out the Intake form and attach a digital photo.

To submit your sample, send a request for the address to karen@equinenurse.com.
Cost of hair analysis $150.00 Checks only to be sent with the hair follicle
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Equine Hair Analysis