Well Elder Music and Rhythm Circle

Humans have the need to belong, to be part of a group of individuals who share interests, and who come together for a common purpose. Such needs are as important to children and teens as they are to people in mid-life and to senior adults. In fact, it is increasingly being understood that this need for connection with others may be the most important component contributing to a quality life. 

Music Therapy - Drum Circles for People with Alzheimer's

Music and rhythm circles for the Well-Elder have 3 main goals:
  • Cognitive stimulation with songs and lyrics which are from their era.
  • Social interaction and building community. Using percussion instruments* brings out their rhythm and the smiling and laughter that occurs. 
  • Motor skills are part of this circle and it is noted the movement to the beat, aka entrainment, and use of shakers. Some even get out of their chairs to move! 
 *rattles, shakers, boomwhackers, handheld drums along with the singing and being in the rhythm supports healing and is fun!. Rhythm is medicine! 

There are many benefits to creating music in a group. This is an effective way to encourage life skills and develop confidence and self-esteem.

 Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, November 1999, reports that in four weeks, patients with Alzheimer’s showed increased levels of melatonin following music therapy, which may have contributed to their relaxed and calm mood.