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Astro-Nutrition to Support your Ecosystem and Zodiac Sign

“The art of healing comes from Nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start with an open mind.” —Paracelus

One cannot diagnose from a natal chart. And any diagnosis is left to medical doctors who at one time used natal charts as another tool to support their patients.

Astrology for Health and Wellbeing“The planets symbolize some energy that must be expressed in our lives if we are to realize our truest and highest potential. They emit electronic emanations/cosmic rays of ribbons of intelligent energy. Blocking or frustrating the expression of such energy usually causes pain and dis-ease in one form or another” Quote from Astrology, Nutrition, and Health, Robert Carl Jansky. Jansky says also “that cosmobiology findings need considerably more research before any conclusions can be “signatures” for health problems. A person’s mental attitude has a strong effect on the outcome of treatment for disease conditions and that many healers believe most disease conditions have some mental condition as their root cause” 

In Jane Ridder-Patrick’s book, a Medical Astrologer, says in her book, Handbook on Medical Astrology, that Aries and Scorpio can become ill if there is nothing to provide them a challenge! Yes, my Sun Sign is Aries and I so agree! And learning astrology has been a welcome awesome challenge!

Alice Baily says in her book, Esoteric Healing, that all disease is the result of an inhibited soul life. 

This practice is the oldest form of astrology and was used by most doctors until the 17 century. Seems till the onset of modern medicine. At which time this practice has fallen away. 

Astrology for Health and WellbeingHippocrates, (b.460 BC) Father of Healing, wrote that one could not do a thorough job of healing the sick without basic knowledge of astrological principles. He strongly emphasized the healing power of nature, the natural power of the body, and the importance of the spine.

This science appears to be coming alive again!      
How are your Ascendant, Moon, and Sun Sign Archetypes supporting you?

What signs and planets are in your 6th house? In this context, the 6th house is your approach to food and digestion, health and dis-ease, acute illness, the vagus nerve/parasympathetic nervous system, pets, and establishing routines. 

"Despite any hard aspects in your chart, does not mean “ill-health” Jane Ridder-Patrick says, but to look at as helpful hints and wise to take precautionary steps to avoid health problems. This is just a tool to look at your predisposition to health or dis-ease and which mind/body systems need some attention, care, and love. You will not get all of them. Maybe none if you lead a healthy lifestyle." 

William Davidson, MD, a Medical Astrologer says “that no matter how difficult a chart is, by cultivating a wholesome lifestyle at all levels, the individual can move towards and obtain optimal health. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual hygiene and avoiding internal and external toxins are the best health insurance. Negative attitudes and beliefs are internal toxins, while poor diet and lifestyle, environmental pollution, toxic relationships, and unfulfilling work are eternal toxins.” 

Astrology for Health and WellbeingDiane Cramer in her book, Managing Your Health and Wellness, says “the planets have more than one function in medical astrology and are not the sole causative factor of a health disorder, as one must take into account heredity and lifestyle.”

Ancient Greeks, Ptolemy, 85-165 AD, believed humans were composed of 4 material elements and also a vital force or energy called pneuma. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Health was believed to depend on a proper balance of the 4 elements and the correct energetic activity of the pneuma. The elements are how energy manifests as form. Carl Jung refers to the elements as the psychology of 4 types or maps of the Soul.

With your chart, we will discuss the health characteristics of your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon Sign. When out of balance or afflicted, symptoms can appear. Along with balancing your ecosystem, Air, Water, Earth, and Water can also restore your health.

We will also discover where Saturn, Mars, the Nodes, Chiron, Pluto, and Hygeia are and how they are influencing you. They can tell us lessons we need for our healing. Hygeia is the  Wellness Astroid. 

I am an Aquarius Rising, prone to circulation and nervous systems challenges. I am now aware of why my hands and feet are always cold, even in the summer!!! I do have a healthy lifestyle with daily aerobic practice and engage in nasal breathing to support my circulation and vagus nerve. Nasal breathing activates nitric oxide, an anti-viral molecule, and vasodilator. Engaging the diaphragm, our thoracic pump, with the breath relaxes blood vessels and pumps the blood to the extremities. I can feel how this helps. Also, Aquarians need the zodiac tissue cell salt NACL/NatMur, which explains why I crave salt and put it on almost everything. I use Sea Salt or Himalayan pink salt full of bio-available minerals. I also take Schuessler Cell Salt Combination.

As an Aires Sun, I have to take care of my adrenals “slow down”. 

Aquarians need fresh air coming off mountains, and not to live in polluted areas. (Everyone needs fresh air;-) Yes, so amazing to understand my choice for this lifestyle living on a river surrounded by hills and mountains. I do crave fresh air! 

Here is an example: I have a client who is a Rising Leo. Leo rules the blood pressure, eyes, heart, and spine. She presents with high blood pressure and has an EKG that looks like she had a heart attack. She denies knowing if she had one. We can’t change her Zodiac, but this has brought much awareness to her health. She is 68 and has been on blood pressure medication for over 20 years. Her coaching advises a heart-healthy diet with other foods with tissue cell salt, Magnesium Phosphate to build her Leo, and breath-work; breathing through her nose to move her diaphragm to relax her blood vessels and to activate her vagus nerve. She has been getting chiropractor care for low back pain long before she contacted me. A regular restorative Yin Yoga practice was also advised. She is lean and has been a jogger for several years. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun giving her lots of vitality and sunny optimistic nature, if not afflicted. 

Her North Node is in the 6th house in Aquarius. Her soul wants her physical body healed. According to Judith Hill’s Guide to Planetary Pathology, the North Node in Aquarius has an effect on blood pressure. 

Another concern is her insomnia. She is a Gemini Moon and Pisces Sun. Neptune/Pisces rules the Pineal Gland. She was encouraged to use essential oils to release melatonin from the Pineal Gland to support restorative sleep, Circadian Rhythm.  Plus sunshine! 

The client has Air, Fire, and Water balanced. She was encouraged to bring more Earth/grounding into her life, eating root vegetables, and spending time outside; ie; gardening. Slowing down her mind/body is this client’s best medicine to living more in a parasympathetic state. Once a transition is made from the stress state, sympathetic, to the restorative parasympathetic state, powerful mind/body medicines are released for healing. 

In the Trilogy, there are shadows. The shadow, according to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, consists of those parts of ourselves we choose to repress or hide that we don’t like. We do that by pushing them down into our unconscious. Being open to transformation and bringing to our awareness, will help us grow to bring peace inside. The client was instructed on how to do her research for her shadows and process if she chooses. 

Astrology for Health and WellbeingThere are foods to build up and strengthen your Zodiac and foods to avoid. I also like offering essential oils. Essential oils are the natural, highly concentrated essences extracted from specific herbs in their living state, including plants, shrubs, flowers, grasses, bushes, seeds, roots, trees, bark, and seeds. These oils contain therapeutic properties used for healing capabilities. Many traditional Medical Astrologists use dry herbs as well as nutrition. I find using the oils along with certain foods for specific conditions is faster and easier. I am affiliated with Vibrant Blue Oils from the Pacific Northwest. These oils are organic whole food plants and herbs offering nutrients that are hard to get regularly in the diet in a base of fractionated coconut oil. They are easily assimilated via topical application or through inhaling through the nose. The oils have a high vibrational frequency to support our energies and frequencies! This is called vibrational wellness and some foods do this as well. 

I will offer suggestions and support you in how to use the oils and foods based upon your Zodiac to increase your vibrational energies!

If you would like a wellness reading of your Trilogy Signs in your natal chart please fill out this Intake Form and sign Consent for Coaching. Once I receive your information, I will send you a PayPal bill. I will then read your chart, e-mail it to you, and contact you for a 75-minute discussion on Zoom,  which will be recorded. We will discuss how well your Trilogy is supporting you and holistic suggestions; and where are other planets along with any hard aspects.

If you purchase my book, Journey in Self Care, or have my book, I will take $15.00 off your coaching fee 1x. Just let me know when you fill out the Intake Form

THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC ASSESSMENT. Remember, Jansky says that “there is no single consistent planetary picture for any disease condition. There are no cookbook signatures for health conditions.”

“Astrology is not a science, but a tradition that we call metaphysical, another way of looking at the world and our lives than the methods developed by modern science. It cannot substitute science any more than science can incorporate astrology— Never let any readings interfere with the advice or treatments suggested by your doctor.” Statement taken from Stefan Stenudd, a Medical Astrologer. 

I believe astrology can help find ways to improve your well-being. This is either directly by what your chart reveals or indirectly by insights about your lifestyle. Why I chose Archetypal Astrology is if we are conscious of our archetypes, we can respond with greater autonomy and self-awareness. 
Astrology can be extraordinarily liberating. 
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” —Albert Einstein 

*****Without an accurate birth time, this information will not be accurate. I can offer you Lifestyle Medicine Coaching to Live and Age Well if you choose.


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