Healing with the Planets

Astrology is a study of the connection between planets and life on Earth. It is based on a concept that energy patterns form between other planets and Earth; and that these energies affect our lives as individuals and communities. This quote is one of the seven principles of Hermes Trismegistus, 400 BC, from the Emerald Tablet and author of Hermetic Corpus: “As Within, So Without, As Above, So Below.” Our mind/bodies and universe are one.

Healing with the PlanetsAn astrological chart, also known as a  natal or birth chart, records the relationship between the planets and the signs of the Zodiac. Your natal chart is as unique as your fingerprints. Your chart is an expression of where your soul  "left off" on the evolutionary journey in your last lifetime and what your plan is now for being here.

Astrology is a tool for transformational personal growth and insights into who we are and why are here providing wisdom to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. It can quicken the path of “self-discovery”.

The planets express energy that when expressed in our lives we can realize our true and highest potential. If blocked the expression of such energy may cause pain or disease in one form or another. Heinrich Daath, Medical Astrologer, 1914

How do the planets affect us? One theory I read: The key to understanding the impact of something as distant as a planet on our lives is that tiny, subatomic particle known as the neutrino. Neutrinos are extremely fine matter produced by the nuclear reactions within stars. All stars, including the Sun, produce neutrinos continuously. Stars in distant reaches of space are constantly beaming these neutrinos toward us, and being made of such fine substance, they pass through our bodies, as well as through the Earth itself. Planets vary greatly in density and makeup. Some consist of solid rock while others consist purely of layers of gases. The planets than are our local programming agents. This is why down the ages, we have always described them as gods in our mythologies. Every planet, depending on where it is in our design, lends its flavor to our nature, at both conscious and unconscious levels. This is something we need to consider whenever we look at a planet, as well as where it is activating a house and sign on our chart. 

Healing with the PlanetsJudith Hill, a Medical Astrologer, says “the planets traditionally emit subtle cosmic light of various colors and tones. These planetary vibrational frequencies both natal and current have an influence on us.”

I use a synthesis of Whole Sign House, and Porphery to read your soul’s journey. The Natal Chart is read holistically; through your ASC/Sun/Moon is my usual order to read. I call this the Trilogy to support our incarnation. Then traverse while integrating the rest of the zodiac. This is not predictive astrology.

The Whole Sign House system was used in ancient Hellenistic and Indian astrology, and it seems to have been the oldest and most popular form of house division in those traditions. Knowledge of this system was lost in the western tradition sometime during the Middle Ages, but then it was rediscovered and translated from Greek and Latin, in the 1980s and 1990s and became popular again in the first two decades of the 21st century. 

If you never had a reading and are new to astrology, this is part of the language: the planet is the actor; the sign is the role and the house is where the action happens. 

Healing with the Planets One reading I received was when my life was very complicated and confusing. I was a single mom of 3 middle schoolers, my parent’s health was declining and I was their only caregiver. I was working as a visiting/hospice nurse 5-6 days a week. Too many demands on my time and my physical and mental health were faltering.

 I was told I had a long Saturn transit which meant this is how it will be for the next 5 years. It indicated where I had work to do, how I can evolve, and that I will experience some delays, all for my benefit. This explained to me why I felt so confused!  But that I can reap what I sow!

So says renowned astrologer Brian Clark:  “Saturn is called the Lord of Time and rules Aquarius with Saturn’s boundaries, rules, and learning through limitation.” Saturn is likely to force you to slow down and restructure any area that it influences in your Birth Chart. I had to seriously assess the value of my life influenced by this serious planet. (when I had time:-) 

I was born under/Rising Sign a metaphysical star, the Vedic astrologist called it. I am an Aquarian: we are progressive rebels who crave independence, the truth, with an expanded view to change the world; an innovative change agent. Saturn, the resonate/ruler planet of Aquarius says Aquarians can change the world through hard work and commitment. 

Knowing your Ascendant, your soul’s portal of entry is knowing your chosen spiritual path/direction of your soul and approach to the world.

Healing with the PlanetsYour Sun Sign is your Life Force. My Sun Sign, in Aries, gives me the energy, passion, and intuition to support my life direction, in Aquarius. Saturn transits also help me slow down some impulsively from fiery Aires while providing the wisdom and insight I need.

In my first reading, about 30 years ago, I was told  I incarnated to be a healer, Moon in Pisces, and since I choose the nursing profession this made total sense because I like helping people. This has so proven true; that’s why I continue to use astrology to navigate my soul’s evolution for truth, meaning, and purpose and coach others who choose this. 

These 3 are the Trinity of your Personality; why you are here and how to live with purpose, meaning and self-actualization. 

All planets and signs are valid and represent your life’s intention for the fulfillment of your soul. No negative transits or planets, aka malefic, are in your way. No judgments. We choose all planets and their aspects for the integration of life lessons and soul growth.

Chiron is the wounded healer and ruler of initiation. This planet was only sighted in 1977. Chiron has a way of bringing things up to be witnessed and healed. While his meaning and messages aren't simple, they do hold the key to unlocking deep and spirited healing within.

My Chiron is in the 11th house in Capricorn.  I am ambitious in many ways but get wounded over and over when my efforts go unrecognized. I also grew up in a household where I was not heard or understood, felt like I did not belong there, and spoke over! This placement informs me I am too serious and I don’t have fun! So I need to balance life with success, fun, self-nurturing, and patience! Self-love too! 

Chiron in Capricorn also has instructed me to find my creative gift and offer it to society. Writing my book and offering astrology coaching is my “Natal Gift”. "Many therapists, astrologers, and electric healers have Chiron on the 11th house," says Barbara Hand Clow in Chiron, Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets, 1999.

So it was 5 years later, my kids were out of high school, fiercely independent and in college and my parents had transitioned. I took some time off from nursing and worked with animals. Opportunities began to open up and life took on a whole new meaning. My second Saturn Return!

I found my reading very validating and empowering taking me from overwhelm and depression to peace inside.

The energies of Aries and Aquarius, Fire and Air, gave me the motivation and passion, to write a book with my mission to transform health care via self-care: “A Journey in Self-care to Live and Age Well with Food, Sleep and Sound as Medicine”

I would like to help you discover who you are and why you chose to be here: your cosmic flow. Cosmic flow is the life-force energy that surrounds you — the energy of the star systems, the planets, the Earth, and the life-force energy within you. What influence do Pluto, Mars, Chiron, Saturn, Hygeia, Nodes of the Moon, have on your cosmic flow? 

We are more than our 3D bodies. Clients tell me this is very validating and empowering. 

I will encourage you to be powerful, to take charge of your life, and to make choices based on what you instinctively sense is your truth and move towards more self-awareness, higher consciousness, and a sense of self-empowerment. There is nothing to fix. You are already whole.

It is usually not possible in one session to cover all aspects of your chart. I will instruct you to do your research. Very easy. The planets have so much more to say than can be offered in one session.

"When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be." —DANE RUDHYAR

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