Coaching with Karen Lee

Lifestyle Medicine Coaching to Live and Age Well

Your body has its own inner pharmacy. You have everything you need to live and age well. Karen wants to empower you to take control of your health.

Lifestyle Medicine looks to discover and address the root cause of chronic disease. It reflects the reality of what a huge body of scientific evidence has taught us: Whole food is powerful medicine! Movement is powerful medicine! Mind-body health is powerful medicine!  Sleep is powerful medicine. These medicines are readily available in you when given the optimal opportunity.    

Six Best DoctorsLifestyle Medicine Coaching involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic practices to educate individuals about how and why to eat whole real foods, establish good sleep habits, stress management through self-awareness and moving meditation such as Chi Gong/Tai Chi/Yoga, exercise, and other non-drug modalities to prevent, treat and oftentimes reverse lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

We are made up of a collective of trillions of cells. Chronic stress and lack of vital nutrients pull the cells out of their coherent structure. If the stress and lack of life-sustaining nutrients become chronic, a complex web of disharmonies perpetuates; the cells cluster together and the cell wall thickens then becomes asymmetrical—the whole cellular orchestra is then out of tune. An out-of-tune mind/body begins to experience a variety of stress signals, including anxiety, insomnia, allergies, food sensitivities, physical and emotional pain, and eventually dis-ease.

“One of the most powerful aspects of Lifestyle Medicine is that patients become more engaged, active participants in their self-care, disease prevention and management, and overall well-being. The results include better health outcomes for patients and a fulfilling collaborative model of practice for physicians and other health practitioners,” says Cindy Geyer, MD. Dr. Geyer is board certified in internal medicine, integrative medicine, and lifestyle medicine, and is the medical director at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA.

The marvelous pharmacy that was designed by nature and placed into our being by universal architect produces most of the medicines that we need." — Norman Cousins

Karen can coach and empower you to:
  • Discover your root cause of "suffering" physically, mentally & spiritually and ways to transform to improve your quality of life
  • Learn how you can cultivate to live and age well by changing your food and “thinking” that will improve your mood and create happy cells that will support you in your journey. Our minds and bodies are made from what we eat and how we think!
  • Learn how to use your digestion for more energy, well-being, and healthy aging
  • Access your inner pharmacy to self-heal and self-regulate for longevity.
  • And more with so much new ongoing fascinating information! 

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but will cure and prevent disease with nutrition." — Thomas Edison
If this interests you, please fill out the Intake and Consent Form for Coaching, and hit submit.  Once received a PayPal statement will be sent to you and then we can schedule a Zoom time for 75 minutes. I can also offer breath coachinif you desire. With the purchase of the book, I offer $15.00 off coaching. If you order the book or Kindle, inform me on the Intake Form. Bi-weekly group sessions are available for $25.00 a session and are limited to 5. No discount but having the book available is necessary and used for coaching. If you choose group coaching/support please fill out the intake form so I can get to know you! Group coaching sessions are Mondays at 5 PM and Thursdays at 12PM ~~75 minutes.