Canine & Feline Wellness

Karen has had dogs and cats all her life. Horses at times. Many of them were not healthy and suffered from skin problems; ear infections; inflamed gums; digestive disturbances; stiff arthritic joints and some died young from cancer. Due to her love for animals and grief from pre-mature deaths, Karen research/studied and began to understand and apply what she learned and practiced from healing humans to animals. She has assisted many dogs, cats, and horses to an improved quality of life. Here is why Karen wants to help your animal: Rubi

A balanced whole foods diet is key too healing and for a long, happy life for your animal friend. Hippocrates says: "Health Begins in the Gut”

Please fill out the intake form and send a digital photo.

You will be sent a Pay Pal statement for $79.00.

A follow up 50-minute phone call to discuss concerns and suggestions for wellness.
Clyde and Karen