About Rubi

An Act of Love

Rubi  20… - November 15, 2017

About RubiRubi was surrendered to me by a home health patient I had several years ago. Tina, (not her real name) was on daily nursing visits to her home, in a trailer park, for IV antibiotic therapy for a sepsis she acquired from IV drug abuse. Rubi lived on a short chain attached to her trailer and was fed cat food. 
On my daily visits to Tina, I would walk Rubi in the forest behind her house along with my 2 other dogs that drove around with me during my travels to patients’ homes.  After a few visits, I asked Tina for the dog. Reluctantly and lovingly Tina surrendered Rubi to me knowing her dog would have a better life. 

 Tina was unsure how old Rubi was. She thought she was about 10 when I adopted her.   

At one visit to Tina’s,  I watched her catch a rabbit and eat it. That was horrible to witness, but I knew she was malnourished and starved.

Rubi became my teacher. She was in poor health; starved and very dirty. I immediately weaned her into a raw whole foods diet that I had been feeding to all my animals for several years.

Rubi quickly became part of my family of 2 other dogs and 3 cats.  We then moved to live in a log cabin on a horse rescue in Central Vermont and we become part of that. 

Rubi was a good fit to live with emotionally and physically damaged horses and respected their great size. She would sit in awe and be in their presence, never chasing or predating on them like my other dogs aways wanted to do.

Rubi’s health and energy improved with whole food nutrition, crystals, color,  and lots of love. These modalities worked so well that she never needed any medications. I then started to create this wellness practice for other animals. 

 Rubi, I feel aged gracefully with a slow decline and eventually tired hips. 

As her decline became more obvious, I was hoping she would die peacefully in her home. But being an End of Life RN, Rubi presented with some “crying out” and had enormous fear in her eyes and the final day was unable to get her self up. I would call this terminal agitation in my profession, in which it appears fear of letting go and leaving.  We would use Haldol or Morphine to provide comfort. I did use some Rescue Remedy and Reiki but, did not notice it was helping her. 

Since Rubi and I were so tuned in, she decided to allow me to help her transition on a few days off I had. I put Rubi in my car with her other canine friends and drove to my vet.  With tremendous pain and sadness, I had Rubi euthanized by Allison Cornwall, DVM, a large animal vet I had for my horse.  Allison had the compassion I needed at that time and she gently put Rubi to peace. 

It was an Act of Love.  

So this Animal Wellness practice is dedicated to Rubi. I feel I helped her in giving her a happy healthy life and she became my teacher so I can help other animals. 
Rubi 11-11-17; 4 days prior to her transition
Notice the Amber necklace around her neck to help reduce inflammation and repel fleas;
Notice the green color, green is a color to reduce inflammation
Notice the darker green “crystal pocket” on Rubi’s collar.
Notice her shiny healthy coat at ~~ 17 years old.